Utility Mapping

Professional Underground Utility Mapping, Locating and Detection Services.

Earth Spy currently provides survey solutions and technical assistance to customers across many industry sectors in various locations across New Zealand. These services include:

  • Civil infrastructure design, planning and construction
  • Port and Airport Authorities;
  • Local and Government Authorities;
  • School Redevelopment Schemes (BSF)
  • Hospital and health authorities;Industrial, manufacturing and retail;
  • Refineries, services stations and forecourtdevelopments
  • Rail and road networks developments
  • Town and city redevelopment
  • Network maintenance and development byutility providers
  • Brownfield site developments

Leading Utility Survey and Detection Services from Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington

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We are New Zealand’s go-to utility mapping subcontractors. We use advanced topographic survey and utility survey technologies to reduce or eliminate the risk associated with working around underground services, cables and utilities.

By using the latest in underground pipe location and cable locator devices combined with (non-destructive) hydro vacuum excavation techniques, Vac-U-Digga NZ offers a complete underground utility locator and mapping service throughout New Zealand including Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

Our highly experienced, competent and accredited locating staff use a robust methodology for utility detection and mapping services, and safe exposure of cables and all other types of underground utilities.

We have invested in the very latest ground penetrating radar (GPR), GPS, Survey and Electro-Magnetic Induction (EMI) technology.

Knowing the location, depths and routes of existing pipes, cables and other buried infrastructure is a principal requirement for those engaged in feasibility studies, design, maintenance, construction and asset management.

As experienced utility utility mapping and detection specialists, we reduce the uncertainty associated with the reliance on old, incomplete, missing, ambiguous or unavailable utility data, by locating underground services to a high degree of accuracy through the use of electromagnetic locating techniques, 2-D ground penetrating radar and vacuum excavation.

We undertake projects ranging from locating single utilities for connection or maintenance purposes, to comprehensive borehole clearance surveys and utility asset mapping for industry and construction.

The benefits include:

  • Identification of routes, types and depths of buried services,
  • Allows for the identification of potential conflicts enabling effective planning & design,
  • Reduces the costs associated with the digging of speculative trial holes, and
  • Mitigates the potential for cable strikes and damage to third party services.

Utility Mapping Subcontractors Offering Precise Utility Locating Services for All Purposes

Topographical Surveys are used to map the shape, form, level and geographical position of the earth, both natural and unnatural. The term ‘earth’, can mean anything from a small garden to a national park, farm track to a motorway or from a small building plot to multi hectare development.

The Vac-U-Digga NZ understands that each site presents specific risks and challenges, however our highly skilled survey team can tailor survey requirements to meet each site’s specific survey needs. Our survey standards meet New Zealand Survey Standards SP1 and local Government Standards G71 (Control Surveys) and G73 (Detail or Topographical Surveys). These surveys can be coordinated locally or can be linked to MGA and AHD survey networks throughout New Zealand. Using the latest technology and equipment, our surveyors can produce high quality survey models/drawings and services which include:

  • Small to large scale land surveys;
  • GPS surveys;
  • Triangulation and contour modelling;
  • Boundary Overlays (CAD);
  • Civil Works (Setting Out) construction site works;
  • Trig levelling to 5mm accuracy;
  • Surveying of Underground Assets to the relevant New Zealand Standard including Class Accuracy.
  • Establishing or working within Control Survey Networks; and
  • Survey for future design needs.

All our drawings and detailed information are digitally mapped using Autocad, Microstation or Bentley MX all dependant on your required final digital format. We create Digital Terrain models with Meta Data files including relevant Model Validation in accordance with

AS/NZS ISO 9001 quality management.

Topographical Surveys

In many parts of the world today Laser scanning systems is the referred Survey Methodology for utility surveying and mapping of all projects. Vac-U-Digga NZ team has incorporated Lidar into many of its projects for the locating, mapping and protection of underground assets.

Utilising Lidar, Vac-U-Digga NZ can quickly complete dilapidation utility surveys for high-risk projects. Lidar provides a complete 3-dimensional picture of the site before major project works begin. In addition, Vac-U-Digga NZ utilizes Lidar to map underground facilities in complete detail and combines the point cloud data in new innovative 3D augmented reality delivery formats to assist its clients to make informed decisions.

The advantages of rapid, cost effective, high accuracy survey point data collection has propelled Lidar to one of the most cost effective geospatial tools today. Integrating Lidar with 3D modelled utilities is an integral part of the future for subsurface utility surveying and mapping, - all provided by Vac-U-Digga NZ for the benefit of our clients.

Utility Surveys

In Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and beyond, at Vac-U-Digga NZ we aim to meet all your specific survey requirements – no project is too small or too big. Call us on 0508 822834 to find out more about our cable locator services, utility mapping or non-destructive hydro excavation digging for your project, or alternatively send us an email and we’ll respond ASAP.

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Vac-U-Digga NZ is proud to be part of the Christchurch Rebuild Program and to be engaged on the delivery of the high-speed Ultra Fast Broadband and other major projects across New Zealand.




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