Accurate service locators available across Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Kaikoura, Dunedin, Invercargill, Rotorua and Gisbourne regions.

Service and Utility Location

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Accurate Service Locators

Service detection has never been easier.

With highly accurate results, our cable locators can detect the utilities you don't want to disrupt during your construction efforts. Working in areas such as Greymouth and Whangarei, our team of more than 150 staff use accurate service locators to make worksites safer. 

At Vac-U-Digga NZ, we know that precision is everything when it comes to underground cable locators. As we have 85 machines spread across our sites and unique high-end technologies, we're confident nobody can beat our approach to service detection in Greymouth and beyond.

We use the most accurate service locators around

As a complete utility detection provider, we use some of the best cable locators in the industry. We're the only accurate service locator provider in New Zealand to use 3D radar utility detection. We can provide our advanced scanning services and high-tech cable locators for a fixed hourly fee, allowing you to plan your budget accordingly.

Each year, those who work on construction sites suffer from injuries due to undetected utilities. The risks become higher where electricity or high volumes of water are involved. Alongside having a significant financial impact on your project, such incidents can lead to the temporary loss of an important workforce member. 

At Vac-U-Digga NZ, we've been using underground cable locators for more than two decades. As a result, we'll always select the correct machinery for the ground you're working on.

With an aptitude for accuracy and an ability to pinpoint services that are buried, our underground cable locators will maintain safety across your sites. With a map of various utilities, members of your construction team can progress with their projects safely.

Reasons to use us for service detection

When it comes to service detection in areas such as Wellington, Dunedin and Invercargill, we're second-to-none. At Vac-U-Digga NZ, we can use remote sensing technology and radio location for challenging environments. With a litany of experienced GPR technicians, we won't miss the important details that could place your project at risk.

Underground services in Rotorua and other areas of North Island

At Vac-U-Digga NZ, we're constantly investing in our underground services in the areas we work at. With our approach to service detection, businesses working on the North Island no longer need to worry about missing the finer details. Using remote monitoring, we're able to inform our team of technicians immediately if something does go wrong. From there, they'll form fast responses that minimise harm.

Choosing Vac-U-Digga NZ as your underground utility company

At Vac-U-Digga NZ, we prioritise speed, excellence, and safety. We achieve this through using the latest technologies, allowing our clients to rest assured that nothing will derail their construction efforts.

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Vac-U-Digga NZ is proud to be part of many Major civil  infrastructure projects across New Zealand.




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