Posted on 17 May 2019

Why not using Hydro Excavation is costing you money, time, and stress!


Hydro Excavation is a safe way to expose utilities for repairs.

You may have heard a loud ‘buzz’ looming around the construction industry for a while with terms such as “Vacuum Excavation,” “Hydrovac,” and “Non-destructive digging” being used liberally. These all simply represent colourful and alternative ways to talk about some of the best ‘Construction Tech’ to hit the market for some time. We are of course talking about Hydro Excavation. It doesn’t matter if you call it a “Sucker Truck,” “Vacuum Truck” or “Hydrovac Truck.” One thing won’t change… Their growing presence in the industry. The truth is, if you aren’t already taking advantage of these machines - you’re missing out.

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What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro Excavation is a method of non-destructive digging which utilises pressurised water or air to dig holes and clear soil. Unlike conventional excavation, the use of a sucker truck can greatly reduce the chances of damage, while also managing worksite accidents and excessive time wastage. While years ago industry leaders relied upon the almighty excavator or other mechanical methods - hydro excavation has become ‘The New Black’ within the world of industrial excavation.

The process of Hydro Excavation has changed the way in which underground utility locating and excavation is done on a daily basis, providing an endless list of benefits and advantages for companies big and small.

Whether your job entails underground or subsurface utilities, sign and pole installation, pipe and sewer rehabilitation, landscaping, or simple soil removal - hydro excavation is your first point of call moving forward.


Hydro excavation is the safest way to expose utilities.

How does Hydro Excavation Work?

Hydro Excavation works by utilising revolutionary equipment to combine high-pressure water with an air vacuum system to excavate soil. In Layman terms, this system works by cutting through soil, breaking it up, and finally lifting debris from the excavation site and into a debris tank. Because of the pressure exerted from a vacuum truck, hydro excavation has the ability to break through frozen and hard grounds making it ideal for projects in both Auckland and Christchurch.

Hydro Excavation is a essential addition to any project and can be used for a broad range of applications including:

  • Confined Digging
  • Utility Service Repairs
  • Mains or Service Exposure
  • Tight Workspaces (Under objects or structures where excavators can’t reach)
  • Remote Excavation
  • Tree Roots
  • Debris Removal
  • Piling
  • Trenching
  • Potholing
  • Hard/Cold Surface Excavation

Why use Hydro Excavation?

Non-destructive digging has grown to become the standard term to describe or ‘categorise’ vacuum excavation - one that undersells its benefits too! Think of hydro excavation less as a digging tool and more of a perfect symphony between functionality and practicality, where productivity meets versatility, safety, and cost conservancy. But why is this? Why hire a vacuum truck and buy into hydro excavation? 

Here’s why the industrys biggest players are making the switch to hydro excavation and why not not using hydro excavation is costing you money, time, and stress!

Hydro Excavation is Cost-Effective

I'm sure you've heard that time is money, but so is preventable damage, workplace accidents, and excessive labour fees. While you may be lucky enough to find an excavator at a cheaper hourly rate, everybody knows external costs and potential accidents vastly outweigh the need to 'snap up' the cheapest hourly alternative.

When it comes to hydro excavation, cost-effectiveness is the product of a multitude of factors. Hydro excavation is typically much more efficient than traditional digging, reducing hire and labour costs. Hydro excavation is extremely safe and greatly reduces costs associated with worksite accidents. It is also incredibly accurate and precise, preventing costly damage to utility lines, landscapes and other objects.

Hydro Excavation is Extremely Versatility All Year Round

Projects can often be located in severely restrictive areas which prevent large machines or earthmoving equipment from accessing the site. Hydro excavation equipment such as a sucker truck can come in numerous sizes to cater for restricted or hard to reach areas and typically require fewer people to operate. A vacuum truck will also typically come equipped with an extra long water hose to allow crews to work over 100 meters away and excavate at depths over 30 feet in some cases.

Hydro excavation equipment is also designed to unearth frozen ground and stand up to the extreme temperatures found in Auckland and Christchurch. A vacuum truck will typically utilise heated coils or other technology to help liquify and cut through frozen soils whilst protecting key utilities from the weather. Features such as these make vacuum excavation valuable when providing safe excavation techniques and solutions, all year round.

The Environmental Benefits of Hydro Excavation

If you are a big player in the industry or plan on becoming one, you already know the advantage and invaluable benefits of corporate social responsibility. Hydro excavation is better for the surrounding environment as there are fewer greenhouse gas emissions and a great reduction in affected areas due to precise digging technology - leaving a large portion of the surrounding environment unscathed.

Is Hydro Excavation right for you?

More often than not, Hydro Excavation will be worth enquiring about. Whether you are looking to make your next ‘big’ purchase, step up your company, or hire a vacuum truck to increase safety and efficiency, the answer will likely be an astounding “What are you waiting for?”

There are of course exceptions to this rule, as with all good things in life. While still practical, for small-scale residential work or smaller projects - more conventional methods may be more beneficial. If you are unsure as to whether or not Hydro Excavation Services are ideal for your project, give us a call.


Use hydro excavation to mitigate excavation risks and costs.

Get started with Hydro Excavation today!

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