Posted on 10 July 2019

What is clean fill?


Whenever you undertake any sort of excavation or construction work you normally have construction waste or ground fill left over at the end. Or alternatively, you need material fill to level your space or fill a hole. Make sure when you’re looking to dispose or supply you know what type of fill you’re getting.

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What is clean fill?

Clean fill is uncontaminated fill that can be made from a range of materials. From dirt to cement, concrete, gravel, brick, top soil, sand, and rubble, clean fill can be used for a wide range of applications in New Zealand. By using clean fill you know you’re fill product is completely uncontaminated and will not pose any danger in the future.

But what is the contamination? Contaminated fill material includes materials that have organic or biological waste, glass, fibreglass, cardboard, paper, contaminants and contaminated soil (combustible, radioactive, noxious, poisonous, or combustible materials, materials tainted by chemicals, spilled, oil, or other contaminants), household waste, hazardous products and consumer products (electronics, batteries, rubber, tyres, and toxic chemicals).

It may seem like a long list of contaminants but the calibre for clean fill is set high so that there is no risk of potentially transfer contamination from one site to another. One way to create clean fill is to keep contaminated and uncontaminated materials separate on the project site, another is to run it through a soil transfer station that will remove the contaminants from it.

Where can clean fill be disposed?

When you need to dispose of clean fill in New Zealand there are a number of dumping sites and companies that will take your materials. There are strict regulations for where you can dump fill material though so ensure you check with the company you are using if they have the necessary licenses to take the material.

Taking clean fill to a dump site is one way you can dispose of your clean fill, but you can also take it to various earthmoving and excavating companies, if they have the relevant licenses, as they can reuse it on other projects. This is a great way to reuse the product as buying new clean fill can be an expensive task.


Our Soil Transfer System in use

How to find clean fill near you

Are you in need of clean fill? Finding clean fill for a good price near you can be a real challenge. If you need a supply of clean fill on a regular basis it is best to have an account with a range of local suppliers, including dump sites, excavating companies, quarries and landscaping supply companies. This means that if one place has no stock, others may have an excess and you can rotate between companies to ensure a steady supply.

If you just need a supply of clean fill for a one off job it can be easier to visit a landscaping supply company or dump site. However, if you are price conscious, it can be rewarding to call around different earthmoving and excavating companies to compare prices.

How to get clean fill removed

You’re about to finish your project and it’s time to start cleaning up, but what are you going to do with all your clean fill? Clean fill removal is a service provided by a number of companies that also supply clean fill. This is more predominant with earthmoving and excavation companies as they have the trucks and machinery needed to load up the clean fill and transport it either to another site that needs clean fill or to their depot to store until needed.

If you have slurry waste from hydro excavation operations we have an innovative Soil Transfer System that is able to separate the water and solids into reusable products. This is a game changer for anyone in the hydro excavation industry as dumping slurry is an expensive and wasteful undertaking. By reusing the otherwise unusable product you are able to cut costs for yourself and pass that onto your customers.

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