Surface Penetrating Radar Services

Locating utilities with state-of-the-art technology 

Underground utility locatorservices are essential for both large and small civil works, construction andmining companies from Christchurch to Auckland and New Zealand wide. Theseservices use high-tech equipment like ground penetrating radar andelectromagnetic induction to help companies find buried or hidden utility linesand pipes. 

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Defining utility locating in Wellington

Underground utility locator services are also called pipe locators, utility locators or cable locators. The goal of underground service locators is to safely and effectively map the lines under the ground and provide a clear picture for the company to follow before they begin digging. This can help safely uncover the utility lines without risking accidentally damaging them or snapping through them entirely. 

Although there are several pieces of equipment that you can use to accomplish this mapping process, ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic induction are the two most popular and fastest methods available. 

Surface Penetrating Radar Services

Understanding how underground utility locators work in New Zealand 

Underground cable locators come to a worksite before companies start the hydro excavation process. They use ground-penetrating radar and sweep it over the site to get accurate maps of deeply buried utility lines. This type of radar is very popular because it transmits signals through a variety of mediums, including compacted soil, rock and stones. 

This radar is effective if you're trying to get an accurate pipe locator, utility locator or a cable locator but they're buried deeper than normal. It sends high-frequency waves deep into the ground and sends a picture back to the receiver. This picture gets turned into an accurate map that companies use to safely dig up utility lines. 

A second underground utility locator method involves electromagnetic induction. The underground cable locators come and sweep the ground with this device. It sends electromagnetic frequencies into the ground, bounces off any pipes, cables or utility lines, and transmits the findings back to the receiver. It's a good pipe locator for metal pipes because it can't pick up plastic, and it also can't detect anything over five metres below the ground. 

Surface Penetrating Radar Services

Once they have a picture of the utilities,the underground utility locators can form an accurate map. This map willoutline where the buried cables, pipes or utility lines run. They can then markon the ground where they are, and the company can use hydro excavationequipment to safely and precisely dig up the utility lines.

Hydro excavation or vacuum excavation isthe preferred digging method because it uses pressurised water to break throughthe soil and a sucker truck to draw the broken up soil away from the worksite.There's no digging with heavy equipment that can accidentally damage the lines,and hydro excavation allows you to dig through even frozen ground without aproblem.

Underground utility locators aretraditionally used for a broad range of projects ranging from civil, domesticand industrial projects. For example, you can map utilities to ensure thatyou'll have them where you need them in order to build new residential housingor even to extend existing utility lines to new property developments. It'salso popular for repairing old or broken utility lines or adding new lines in.

If you're in need of a reputableunderground utility locator in Auckland, Wellington or anywhere in New Zealand,we invite you to contact us at Vac-U-Digga NZ today! We have the industryknowledge, tools and equipment available to help locate your buried utilitylines and to make you an accurate map. 

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