Health and Safety

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Vac-U-Digga NZ’s business strategy drives long term business growth and profitability by mandating the inclusion of environmental and social issues in our business model.

Our Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plan details our organisations internal systems and capability to satisfy the requirements of any PCBU in any industry in New Zealand. It has been prepared in a manner that is consistent with local body and legislative requirements in New Zealand. Used in conjunction with the Onsite Prestart Risk Assessment it becomes site specific to our client’s needs.

More specifically, this plan details the management system used to:

  • Achieve and maintain a safe healthy and productive work environment for our employees, any subcontractors that may be engaged by Vac-U-Digga NZ and members of the public who may be affected by our company's operations; and

  • Minimise impact on the environment due to construction activities undertaken.

Health and Safety

Damage to underground utilities has significant potential to result in serious injury to workers undertaking activities associated with ground penetration, similarly this also presents significant risk of injury to other persons including members of the general public. By protecting underground assets, by means of advanced accuracy in service location techniques and non-destructive vacuum excavation, we effectively minimise these risks.

The protection of underground assets also ensures that the hundreds of thousands of kilometres of underground pipes and cables which carry essential services to households and businesses around the country, are kept safe and service interruptions, costly delays to projects and large damage bills are avoided.

Our dynamic health and safety management system is supported by specific field and operational procedures that are designed to protect the health and safety of our staff any other persons who may be associated or in proximity to our operations. Our standards are progressively improved to ensure we continue to comply with legislative requirements and satisfy each of our client’s individual health and safety requirements.

Our commitment to health and safety and the professional standards of our staff is further demonstrated by the significant investment we regularly apply in the training and development of our employees at all levels within our company. Our objective is to provide skilled personnel with the competence necessary to see that our services are routinely delivered to a safe and professional standard. This training investment strategy has proven to be successful through the positive feedback we regularly receive from our many clients.

Vac-U-Digga NZ’s Work Health and Safety Policy

Vac-U-Digga NZ recognises the importance of and is committed to, providing a safe and healthy working environment for all of its employees, the public, contractors, clients and visitors to our work sites. Our goal is to achieve so far as is reasonably practicable, a healthy, injury free workplace. Vac-U-Digga NZ regards compliance with the relevant OHS legislation as fundamental to achieving this goal.

While management has a duty to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, health and safety in the workplace is a responsibility shared by all employees.

Vac-U-Digga NZ is committed to the prevention of injury and illness to its employees, however, on those occasions where an injury occurs, Vac-U-Digga NZ is equally committed to applying our rehabilitation program and providing all necessary support and care to achieve a safe, timely and durable return to work for our employees.


Vac-U-Digga NZ management is responsible for:

  • Providing and maintaining safe systems of work, which includes the provision of safe plant and equipment, and safe access / egress to / from the workplace;

  • Identifying potential hazards that could cause incident or injury and develop methods to assess those hazards/risks;

  • Providing hazard/risk controls to, where practicable, eliminate or otherwise minimise those hazards/risk;

  • Providing employees, relevant contractors, clients and visitors with information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to enable them to perform their duties in a safe and healthy manner;

  • Providing for the safe use, handling and storage of chemicals and other substances;

  • Maintaining effective consultative arrangements with employees, health and safety committees and health and safety representatives;

  • Ensuring a robust system is in place to report work-related incidents, injuries, illnesses and suggestions to actively support the continuous improvement process;

  • Providing resources and other organisational arrangements necessary to achieve the aim of this policy;

  • Undertaking regular review of health and safety performance;

  • and Establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at elimination of work-related injury and illness.

Vac-U-Digga NZ employees are responsible for:

  • taking reasonable care for their own health and safety;

  • taking reasonable care that their acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons;

  • comply, so far as the worker is reasonably able, with any reasonable instruction given by   -Vac-U-Digga NZ to enable compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and other relevant OHS legislation;

  • Actively participating in hazard identification and risk assessment process for their respective work areas and in the development of controls for these hazards/risks;

  • not wilfully interfering with or misusing items or facilities provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare of employees; and Reporting issues, in accordance with Vac-U-Digga NZ reporting requirements.


Vac-U-Digga NZ is committed to protection of the environment. Our experience reflects our ability to develop innovative environmental management solutions that comply with environmental legislative requirements, meet client specific needs and achieve our environmental sustainability objectives.

Our Environmental Sustainability Strategy includes energy efficiency actions for our vehicle fleet, depots and offices which strive to minimise our carbon emissions. We pride ourselves on our resource recovery capability, waste management and water efficiency practices.

Conservation and sustainability principles and consideration of environmental factors has influenced many integral components of our business including fleet purchasing, unit manufacturing, recycling and wherever possible, beneficial re-use of resources.

Specific training programs are delivered to our operational workforce, to ensure a sound understanding of our environmental operating values, relevant legal obligations and the varied requirements of our Environmental Management Plans which reflect the specific environmental controls necessary to meet the needs of our many clients. Through these programs, Vac-U-Digga NZ is continuing to develop a culture of efficiency and environmental awareness amongst all of our employees.

Vac-U-Digga NZ’s Environmental Policy Statement

Vac-U-Digga NZ provides its clients with solutions to protect the integrity of underground assets, by supplying underground asset location, mapping and safe excavation services.

We are committed to clean, healthy and ecologically sustainable environmental practices. As such, we recognise our responsibility to conduct all of our operations in a way which wherever practicable, eliminates or reduces the impact on the environment and its natural resources.

This environmental obligation is the responsibility of managers, supervisors and employees at every level within the company and will be achieved through the following:

  • Comply with the requirements of all applicable laws, regulations and standards. Where adequate laws do not exist, we will adopt and apply standards that reflect this commitment;

  • Communicate openly with all regulatory bodies and stakeholders to resolve issues and ensure the development of an informed and balanced approach by our activities;

  • Ensure management are actively involved and provide demonstrated leadership to support continuous improvement in environmental performance;

  • Communicate and consult with employees and others, to increase their awareness of their environmental obligations and responsibilities;

  • Strive to continuously improve our environmental management systems and practices through a process of audit and review;

  • Investigate and ensure a prompt response to all work related environmental incidents and develop corrective actions to prevent recurrences;

  • Establishing objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at elimination of environmental incidents;

  • Seek to prevent pollution before it is produced, reduce the amount of waste within our operations and support pollution prevention by our clients and suppliers; and

  • Adopt best available practices for the reduction of emissions to air, water and land and for the conservation of water and energy.


As a professional service provider, our integrated management system has been designed to readily meet the broad range and varied requirements of clients within industry. The quality component of our business is heavily customer service focused. Our capability in effectively meeting these requirements and client expectations is demonstrated though our solid performance history.

Our commitment to the continual improvement philosophy across all facets of the Vac-U-Digga NZ business ensures that we routinely monitor, audit and streamline our business systems.

Vac-U-Digga NZ’s Service and Product Quality Policy

Vac-U-Digga NZ provides clients with solutions to protect the integrity of underground assets, by supplying underground asset location, mapping and safe excavation services. We are committed to delivering customer satisfaction by ensuring our service consistently meets and where possible, exceed reasonable client expectations.

To achieve this, we maintain controls to ensure the provision of high quality services to our customers and at the same time meet, our business performance targets. We strive to deliver value through innovation, technological excellence in our equipment we use and the promotion of good practices.

Regular review of our performance and our strategy review process, seeks to achieve continual improvement across all areas within the Vac-U-Digga NZ business. Our assurance in providing quality in our services and products is fundamental to achieving our vision:

“To be New Zealand’s leading provider of vacuum excavation for underground assets, location, mapping and safe excavation practices.”

To achieve our objectives, we will:

  • Through our training and development program, maintain a professional workforce who have the knowledge and capability to effectively deliver high standards in business and quality leadership;

  • Maintain and improve supplier relationships to minimise impact on service costs and reliability;

  • Maintain and improve equipment availability and usage through effective maintenance processes;

  • Maintain and improve a quality management system that enables systematic review of key administrative and service processes that provide value to internal and external customers;

  • Meet all regulatory and statutory requirements relating to the service we provide;

  • Ensure our Quality Policy and associated requirements are communicated within the organisation through electronic and other media;

  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system by monitoring and reviewing our quality performance.

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